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Fostering A Paradigm Changing Holistic Understanding Of Science, Energy, Consciousness and Spirituality

The SPIRITUAL SCIENCE WEBSITE advances the case for re-unifying SPIRITUALITY with SCIENCE to facilitate a paradigm shift towards a more holistic 21st Century Science that aligns with humanity's expanding consciousness and new knowledge that has emerged from many facets of leading edge human endeavour over the past five decades, and more.

This Ingenious Little Video on Duality Consciousness and "What It's All About" ... Thankyou Louis!

A growing number of modern day scientists and philosophers hold the view that Science is limited in its completeness and potential application because it denies metaphysical causality and dependency, which in turn fuels a paradigm for potentially unproductive research and theoretical activity. We share that view but also acknowledge the efforts of all scientists, philosophers and others alike, no mater what beliefs they hold, for endeavouring to expand scientific and human knowledge in their respective areas of interest and expertise.

This website also provides key insights into METAPHYSICS, CONSCIOUSNESS, ENERGY, SPIRITUALITY, the nature of REALITY, and the metaphysical causality and dependence that applies to what we humans perceive as the physical Universe and all life. We believe that SPIRITUAL SCIENCE offers potential for expanding humanity's awareness in MASTERING the holistic application of expanded KNOWLEDGE and TRUTH, and with such a paradigm change will come an abundance of new holistic technologies, scientific advances, and the expanded spiritual awareness and wisdom that humanity needs to create sustainable peace and harmony with each other and the environment.

OPEN SYSTEM THERMODYNAMICS (100 minute video) by Dr Peter Lindemann (Copyright 2013)


A "DIRECT ACTION PLAN FOR THE WORLD" is now possible to combat environmental pollution and health hazards associated with traditional fossil fuel, coal seam gas, and nuclear power generation. Every Politician, Engineer, Scientist, Physics Teacher, University Science Professor, Business Owner, Householder, and Concerned Science and Engineering Student NEEDS to view this VIDEO entitled OPEN SYSTEM THERMODYNAMICS by Dr Peter Lindemann.


Spirituality Is A State of Expanded Awareness - Beyond Duality Consciousness.

Spirituality is being CONNECTED with the TRUTH KNOWLEDGE WISDOM AND INFINITE PERSONAL POWER OF YOUR INNER SELF ... some say HIGHER SELF ... AND LIVING WITH LOVE AND RESPECT FOR ALL THINGS ... TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE FOR ALLSPIRITUALITY is a State of Awareness where HARMONY is omnipresent in one’s THOUGHTS and ACTIONS, and NO SEPARATION exists between one's SELF and the ONENESS of ALL. Spirituality is an intrinsic unifying characteristic of human nature, accessible to all, but so hard for many to experience!

  • Spirituality is where HEART and MIND meet and act in complete unison and without distortion, personified by the contemporaneous expression of WISDOM, SELF-LOVE and LOVE for All Things.
  • Spirituality is about being able to THINK with pure SPIRIT-MIND and ACT with pure SPIRIT-HEART.
  • Spirituality is about expressing LOVE for everyone and everything AND applying WIDSOM in guiding your thoughts and actions through LIFE.
  • Spirituality is about connecting with your Higher SELF and living in perfect HARMONY with SELF and All Things.
  • Spirituality is about exercising your commitment, with love, discernment and integrity, and without judgment or fear, to be the best you can, every day, using the unique gifts you have, so that your life’s potential is maximised for the greater good of All.

Spiritual Science Is The Unification Of Science And Spirituality

SPIRITUAL SCIENCE aims to unify the presently separated disciplines of SPIRITUAL and SCIENTIFIC study, research and their holistic application in addressing and solving real world societal, sustainability and technology challenges that humanity will face during the 21st Century.Image:

It Unites Cause And Effect - Seen And Unseen - Known And Unknown

SPIRITUAL SCIENCE (as ascribed herein) is the development, study and application of holistic knowledge of immutable FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES upon which everything MANIFEST and UNMANIFEST, throughout the entirety of the UNIVERSE functions and inter-relates. SPIRITUAL SCIENCE aims to unify the presently separated disciplines of SPIRITUAL and SCIENTIFIC study, research and their holistic application in addressing and solving real world societal, sustainability and technology challenges that humanity will face during the 21st Century. Expanded KNOWLEDGE and TRUTH cannot be KNOWN from just one of these perspectives alone.

Knowledge of the WHOLE requires an holistic understanding of the workings of the TWO complementary and reciprocal aspects, the YIN and the YANG, the physics and the metaphysics, and so on. The ancients had this knowledge and awareness; in our un-manifest state, we each had it before we came here, and many eminent scientists, engineers and natural philosophers over the past 100 years and during the centuries before, have contributed immensely to the expanding database of current relevant human knowledge and awareness.

Science Cannot Conclusively Know Hidden "Cause" And "Truth" By Studying "Effects" Alone

Metaphysical Framework: Science Cannot Conclusively Know Hidden Cause And Truth By Studying Effects Alone. Understanding Cause Requires Less Other Conventional Methods Like Philosophical Reasoning, Ancient Knowledge And Metaphysics.Image:

Understanding Cause Requires Less Other Conventional Methods Like Philosophical Reasoning, Ancient Knowledge And Metaphysics

It is often said that "Truth can always be seen through a child's eyes." But as we become enculturated through belief systems and social order, distortion enters our consciousness, and limiting vision blurs our comprehension and perception of reality and TRUTH. If you live in a "teapot" (for example) all of your life, how can you ever know (just through observation and analysis) the fullness and truth about what exists outside the teapot and what things outside cause the effects you observe and analyse inside? Some sort of extra-sensory perception (or expanded awareness) is required to "see" outside the teapot to know the "Cause". This is where less conventional methods involving Metaphysics, Spirituality, Philosophical Reasoning, and Ancient Knowledge will play a vital role in expanding the purview of modern Science into a more complete understanding of how Nature and all things (mechanical, biological and metaphysical) interrelate and really work through the perpetual coherent dynamic interaction of manifest and unmanifest.

CONSCIOUSNESS Is Projected Intelligence

Source Consciousness Is Projected Source Intelligence

Source Is Not Separate From All Else - Source Is All Things, Manifest And Unmanifest. Consciousness is non-physical. Consciousness does not conform to scientific principles or human perceptions of physical space, time and matter. Metaphysical abstraction helps us to perceive the true nature of consciousness. Expanded awareness of what time, space and energy truly represent is crucial in correctly interpreting the workings of physical REALITY and the physical Universe. As "physical" humans, we perceive the world and physical REALITY as comprising time, space and matter. CONSCIOUSNESS has no such context. The magic lies in the premise that the Energy Consciousness of Divine Love extends its omnipresent nourishing influence across all Existence, progressively drawing us together as we evolve to the vibration of equality, in harmony ("Oneness") with each other and the world around us.

ENERGY Is Much More Than Science Perceives

ENERGY is non-physical. ENERGY Gives Form To Intent. 

Enhanced Understanding Of ENERGY Can Unlock A "Paradigm Shift" In New Science And Technology. In Science and Engineering, Energy is generally defined as "the capacity to do work", but Energy is more than this. Energy is non-physical. Generally speaking, it cannot be seen directly but its effects can. Energy has many forms of physical expression including biological, thermal, photonic, chemical, nuclear, electrical, mechanical, kinetic, and gravitational, etc. Each is convertible from one form to another according to certain physical laws. It has been said that: "Energy is in everything and everything is made of energy." Everything that has form has inherent energy. The presence of life, motion and vibration signify the existence of energy. Do we understand everything about energy, in all its forms. The answer surely is "No!" The Science and Engineering of ENERGY needs a 21st Century makeover, with the view to understanding what energy really is and how it can be more efficiently "tapped" and "applied" across every facet of human endeavour to support the sustainability of planet Earth and all life on it.

HEART-MIND: Two Energy Paradigms Pervade Human Consciousness

These Paradigms Form A DUALITY Of Mind-Centric and Heart-Centric Consciousness

HEART-MIND DUALITY - The Two Energy Paradigms That Pervade Human Consciousness - Which Must Merge Into Coherence For A Sustainable Existence Of The Human Race.Mind-Centric Consciousness has dominated human behaviour for thousands of years, but a Paradigm Shift to Heart-Centric Consciousness is occurring everywhere you look, in all walks of life and across all societies. Old energies and patterns of lifestyle, tolerances, and behaviour are giving way to new thinking and changes that, in the fullness of time, will result in a transformation beyond the present HEART-MIND Duality to more enlightened awareness.

By understanding the distinctions between what Mind-Centric and Heart-Centric Consciousness represent, we can educate ourselves and others as to their respective causes and consequences. In this way, we can help accelerate humanity's transformation to Heart-Centred Living and ultimately to a harmonious and productive existence for the human race, globally.

Human Consciousness Is Changing

But Each Of Us Hold The MASTER KEY To Its Rate Of PROGRESSION

Human Cosnciousness Is Changing ... A SHIFT Is Underway ... HEART-MIND Duality Is Disappearing And Being Replaced By HEART-MIND COHERENCE.Mother EARTH is feeling the effects of our collective indifference, and our brothers and sisters the world over are suffering at the hands of oppression. However, a progressive shift to Heart-Centred Consciousness (HEART-MIND COHERENCE) is heralding a new paradigm that will free us all from oppression and show us how to LIVE and PROSPER in harmony with each other and our environment.

Open your eyes and look around. You will see that big changes occurring all over the planet, to Earth itself and through all walks of life. Layers upon layers of energetic systems and vibrational paradigms from the past are being shed, like peels off an onion, to allow the planet and humanity to move forward.

Human consciousness is at the crossroads and is changing. A Consciousness SHIFT is in progress! Some feel it, some know it, many have little awareness or don't really care. And it's all OK!!

But What Is Reality ?

Reality Is A Complex Energy Paradigm

Understanding and Transforming Reality - Take A Reality Check and find out what it it all about ... right here! You Can Transform Your Reality By Understanding The Way energy And Consciousness Work. It's really SIMPLE! Anyone can MASTER this process and transform their Life to achieve their full potential in line with their Divine Blueprint. All things that manifest in the physical are fundamentally conglomerates of complex interacting energetic (vibrational) patterns that conform to certain universal principles. All things are interconnected in seen and unseen ways with everything else through energetic fields and processes that have metaphysical cause and dependencies. 

Map of Consciousness

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